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So, what made me decide to start blogging?

Each summer I try to find ways to learn more about teaching. Most of the time it is through books and podcasts. One of the books that caught my eye when I was browsing Amazon was Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth by Aaron Hogan. I read a little bit of the first chapter and was instantly hooked.

For someone who is a self proclaimed recovering perfectionist, I definitely needed to read this book. It has advice from classroom management to personal enrichment; each chapter ending with a handy self reflection section.

In chapter 7, Inviting Others to Thrive, Mr. Hogan invites teachers to share their experiences, thoughts, failures and successes with the world through blogging. He says, “When we delve into what we’re passionate about, that passion attracts others, and it can inspire them to tackle their own challenges along the way .”

I’m not sure if many will come to read my words but I already feel that I have benefited just from taking the risk and putting my thoughts out there. If you have any doubts about diving into blogging, watch Obvious to You, Amazing to Others and take the leap.



I am a dual language (English is my L1, Spanish my L2) middle school science teacher, mom of five boys and one girl, wife of one wonderful man since 1991. We live in Forest Grove, Oregon and I teach in Hillsboro at South Meadows Middle School. I am an enthusiastic integrator of blended classroom learning, with aspirations to go as gradeless as possible, connect my students globally through blogging, and implement project based learning to maximize student engagement.

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