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Here is a musing I just had: I want to get to the point where students can delve into their passions by planning investigative projects to pursue with their peers, playing with materials, concepts, speech, tech and the written word. Adults or older students would be delivering mini-lessons for those concepts that they need help with understanding so that they can iterate, making learning the center of school, not grades.

They will share what they made and learned outside the school walls through community presentations, public blogs, podcasts and vlogs. Then they can be guided to decide which standards they met through their process. They  consequently will have the power in their hands to prove what they have learned and see how they did it. It will give them a sense of how marvelous they are and how much each one of them is worth to each other’s learning.

Teachers and students wouldn’t be stuck in the loop of  standards and curriculum schedules. They would be freed to work on what they are interested in with mentor-ship from teachers and other adults from the community to guide their self-reflection and planning for further learning.

Someday my dream will become a reality and I am doing all I can right now to have a little bit of it in my classroom this year, working toward the dream in baby steps but surely working toward it.IMG_3468



I am a dual language (English is my L1, Spanish my L2) middle school science teacher, mom of five boys and one girl, wife of one wonderful man since 1991. We live in Forest Grove, Oregon and I teach in Hillsboro at South Meadows Middle School. I am an enthusiastic integrator of blended classroom learning, with aspirations to go as gradeless as possible, connect my students globally through blogging, and implement project based learning to maximize student engagement.

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