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Student Reflection

Student reflection

So far nothing has come from my last blog post besides a short response from admin stating that elementary schools seem to be farther along in this gradeless system of evaluation of students. It did not seem that there was much enthusiasm to lend support for this much-needed change. This does not mean that I won’t be trying to shift to more self-assessment and student reflection on how they are doing.

Last night and tonight are student conferences and I am sitting here watching my students come with parents and tell them about how they are doing in my class. There is a table set up in front of my main table with a sign at the end that tells students to find the reflection they did in class the day before and to sit down with a chrome book and show their parents what it is like to work out of the Google classroom and Amplify online science.

They start out a little confused about what to do since I am the only teacher who is doing this, but before long they have sat down and begun to show their parents what we are doing. I can see the questions coming and the parents getting interested as the students share. Once they come to me most of the questions have been answered and we can focus on inquiry about behaviors or other concerns.

I really am enjoying this style of conferencing and it seems that parents are too.